06 January 2009

Not Dead, But Limping

Hey there,

Life's been busy! I graduated from college and have been working for about 7 months. But I bring good news, chapter 5 is on the way!!

Thanks to a kind donator who sent $40 USD, I'm now working on chapter 5 of Hien. That's right, the end of Volume 1! (The series is completed and there are 3 volumes total, btw.) I am going to have to reach out and see if any of translator doods are interested in commissioning the beginning of volume 2, so no guarantees I'll be able to jump into that, but expect chapter 5 soon!! If you know anyone who is interested in translating this for free or for a nominal fee, let me know (email).

Anyway, as you no doubt have noticed, another Getter scanlating group has popped up. Dynamic Pro Scanlations has burned through half of Getter Robo Go, as well as Shin Getter Robo, as well as Devilman, for fuck's sake. As far as I know, they have no interest in Hien (and who can blame them?! I'd much rather see them continue the original or Āḥ when they're done with Go). Go support these guys, and read their shit. They're awesome.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still going. Looking forward to future releases :)

Anonymous said...

me too, thanks for doing this series for us... the fans