24 April 2008

Getter Robot Hien Chapter 04

Chapter 4 is done! Thanks for the corrections, Anonymous.

As always, read the credits page for the status of future releases. Could always use more help, feel free to email me at nagaiscanlations@gmail.com Thanks!

After some deliberation, I've got a donate button now... kind of weird, I know. Any donations made will go directly to the pot to buy more Hien translations.

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Anonymous said...

some errors:
page 26, second panel: it's "Dan"(the pilot's name), not Bullet(its meaning).

page 27, second panel, first baloon: it's Saotome Laboratory, not Girl's Laboratory

Nagai Scanlations said...

Corrections incorporated into release. Thanks a lot, anonymous =)

Anonymous said...

I love you guys, seriously, you should make your work more public, like posting it on the chans or something.

Anonymous said...

sorry, can you re-upload chapter 04? I 've tried all the link that provided but got nothing, all said that the file already deleted. Thank you.