12 April 2008

Getter Robot Hien Chapter 03

UPDATE: Jacov Fix Added

Special thanks to GuyverC for permission to use his fantastic artwork in the header image and in future releases. Great guy to talk to, and I hope to meet him at Otakon.

Woot! I think this chapter is my best work yet. The scans look so much better with a vertical width of 1000px.

As always, read the credits page for the status of future releases. Could always use more help, feel free to email me at nagaiscanlations@gmail.com Thanks!

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Joseph said...
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Anonymous said...


Shaun said...

thanks for the effort! Keep on keeping

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks!
but weren't the names Ken Ryuge, Dan Tenguchi and Jakov?

Nagai Scanlations said...

"but weren't the names Ken Ryuge, Dan Tenguchi and Jakov?"

You may be entirely right. I don't speak Japanese, I only receive paid-for translations, so I have absolutely no idea what the actual factual names are. The translators I've worked with so far have done a fantastic job, but it's possible that there are mistakes in the names.

If anyone has for-sure corrections to make, please email me and receive credit in newly updated versions!

az060693 said...

The height is supposed to be 1200 px. Make sure that constrain proportions is also checked, so that the width changes along with the height.

Anonymous said...

Great work.

But I suggest you change it to Jakov or something similar.

Nagai Scanlations said...

The fix has been applied. Hurrah!

kenok said...

It's been a while that i've read scanlations again.

Am enjoying this getter series from your work as well. Good job! :D

Michael Adhi said...

Thanks a million. I've been a fan of Go Nagai's work for quite sometimes now. Excellent story, and colorful characters.

By the way, perhaps you could upload the files on Rapidshare too in the future?

Anonymous said...

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